Pharmaceuticals are no different than any other type of product, and like any business – good marketing is necessary for generating awareness for a product and a willingness to purchase a product – especially products that are new on the market. The following are a few examples of a few proven marketing strategies specific to the pharmaceutical industry can help drive prescriptions:

  • Multi-use savings card 

    – A savings card can provide patients with either a sample prescription to get them started or co-pay assistance based on the primary claim response and patient insurance coverage. This can help patients that are in need of prior authorization (PA) and are in need of a starter supply when bridging the PA process. Savings cards have been proven to help grown new unique patient starts as well as increasing the average length of therapies.

  • Free starter supply program

    – Pharmaceutical companies that are looking to push new or reformulated products should consider the use of a free starter supply program, which will drive physicians and pharmacies to convert patients to the new or reformulated product. A free starter supply program is especially effective when supported by a co-pay offset program in order to reduce the out-of-pocket costs of the patient.

  • A patient adherence program

    – Patient adherence programs help sell new pharmaceuticals as well as help patients get started on and continue therapy. Patience adherence programs consist of ongoing patient messaging to provide them with refill reminders, disease-state education and more and have been proven to help drive prescription fills.

Other marketing strategies that can be implemented to help drive prescriptions for new pharmaceutical brands or to drive fills include eVoucher program offerings and mobile couponing and location services.

Marketing new, reformulated and even existing pharmaceutical products is essential to not only obtaining new patient starts but also to lengthening their treatment and increasing fills, all of which helps to boost prescriptions. AlphaScrip is an innovative pharmaceutical marketing company that introduced the very best eVoucher program.

AlphaScrip can help pharmaceutical companies implement various marketing strategies to help drive prescriptions not just in the short-term, but the long-term as well. For additional information about their pharmaceutical marketing capabilities, contact AlphaScrip today.