Spreading the word of a new medication is more than advertising in television ads and magazine spots. It often begins with the doctor’s office and other medical professionals, because those in the medical community need to understand how a medication works. If they only have experience prescribing a certain kind of medication, they are not going to prescribe something different. With trial vouchers, the physician’s office can provide the trial products to patients. Building product awareness right off the bat is a necessary practice to eventually build towards maximizing profits.

Exposure is Key

In the medical community, most doctors and offices use what they know. Trial vouchers allow medical staff to try new products without incurring costs. As long as the product proves its quality, this initial exposure can lead to its adoption as a go-to solution. If a physician is pleased with the results he or she hears back from patients, they will in turn become more likely to prescribe and offer the product full-time.