Cancer patients are expected to benefit from the recent approval by the FDA of the first biosimilar drug to treat various types of cancer. This drug, bevacizumab-awwb, known as Myasi, is the biosimilar of bevacizumab, known as Avastin. While the FDA has approved the use of Myasi as a biosimilar, it is not approved as an interchangeable product.

Benefits of Biosimilar Medications

The cost of existing treatments for diseases like cancer are usually very expensive. The release of biosimilars on the market helps reduce costs by encouraging competition among pharmaceutical manufacturers. This competition and cost reduction could make these important therapies available to more patients.

How Myasi is Being Used

The FDA has given the go-ahead for Myasi to be used to treat some types of cervical, kidney, brain, colorectal and lung cancers. It is being used in combination with other treatments including chemotherapies and interferon immunotherapies.

Myasi can still cause some of the same health complications that Avastin can cause, including gastrointestinal perforations, wound healing complications and possible severe or fatal bleeding.

It is the FDA’s goal to continue to promote the approval of biosimilar medications so that they are available as quickly as possible. However, while doing so, they will continue to make sure that these medications meet their rigorous standards for safety and effectiveness.