As technology changes and advances so do the industries that are affected by technology. This couldn’t be more true for the pharmaceutical industry.

1. A One Card Solution

Having everything a patient needs at their fingertips with just one RX card that provides patient benefits, such as copay assistance, is one of the latest tech trends to affect the industry. According to the case study done by Alphascrip, the challenges of brand-associated Rx cards is difficulty “in getting patients started on the brand due to prior authorization and formula challenges and pharmacy switches.”

2. Easily Refill Prescriptions

 With the Internet and digital methods of electronic prescribing, it has never been easier for patients to get their prescriptions. With ePrescribing, pharmacists more frequently fill and refill prescriptions accurately and on time.

3. Real Time Monitoring

According to Industry Week, one of the major technological trends to shape today’s pharmaceutical industry is location-based capabilities. For example, mobile phone users have access to related apps. Furthermore, companies can collect data in real time. For example, “a patient’s heart-rate monitor that could detect erratic heartbeats and send this information to a smart phone. The devices could then “talk” and automatically make an emergency call to a specified healthcare provider.