The 2017 flu season is here, and getting a flu shot early gives everyone the best chance against coming down with it this year. Offering the flu shot to pharmacy customers provides a valuable service to the surrounding community. Providers support pharmacists filling the gap, as they are able to reach patients after-hours and reduce the workload in clinical settings. Many corporate pharmacies set benchmarks for the number of flu shots administered.

Here are some ways pharmacists can promote this important step that will keep their customers safer and healthier this flu season:

  • Hang posters in the pharmacy and on community bulletin boards announcing that flu shots are available and why it’s important for everyone to be vaccinated.
  • Use social media accounts, including the pharmacy’s Facebook page or Twitter account, to remind followers of the importance of getting a flu shot this year.
  • Update phone on-hold messages to alert customers of the importance of having a flu shot.
  • Affix stickers to prescription vials to remind customers to get a flu shot. This is particularly helpful for patients taking medication for conditions that make them more susceptible to the flu.
  • Have stickers printed that announce, “I got my flu shot” along with the pharmacy name and give one to each customer who has a flu shot.
  • Offer incentives to customers, such as a coupon for money off a purchase, like $10 off $20 if they get a flu shot.
  • Create fact sheets and place them on counters and in waiting areas to educate customers of the importance of having a flu shot.
  • Train staff about the benefits of having a flu shot and have them remind customers that flu shots are being offered at the pharmacy.
  • Set up signs by the road to alert those passing by that the pharmacy has flu shots available.

With the right mix of promotions, pharmacies can expect to improve the success of their flu shot programs this season.