Co-pay coupons are designed to help reduce the cost of medication to patients. Insurance companies do not always cover certain forms of medication in full. When a patient saves money on medication, they are more likely to refill their prescription instead of going without. In order to maximize the use of co-pay coupons, it is necessary to follow a specific strategy.

Outreach to the Medical Community

The best way to increase coupon redemption is to reach out directly to physicians and pharmacists. While printing the information in a magazine or other trade publication is fine, the best course of action is to give the coupons directly to medical professionals. If they know a patient is low on funding and might skip out on filling the prescription because of the cost, a doctor may become more likely to prescribe the medication and offer the co-pay coupon.

Provide Program Visibility

As usage of a medication due to co-pay coupons increases, it is necessary to provide a visible program to not only the medical community, but also to patients looking up information.

By following the strategy for using co-pay coupons, it becomes easier to increase exposure for the drug while also help patients save money. Doctors may also be more likely to prescribe medications for certain individuals if they know there is a discount option available. It’s definitely a worthwhile marketing strategy.