The world of marketing has expanded into the digital sphere. Pharma companies need to adapt their business to this change and bring their field into the digital age. Here are some tips on strategic digital marketing for pharmaceutical companies:

1. Focus on the Customer

Customers turn to the internet seeking answers about specific problems they’re having and how to address them. The content on your website needs to address these problems and help in their resolution instead of bragging about how awesome your company is.

2. Provide Helpful Information

A recent study showed that more than 72% of internet users have looked online for health information in the past year alone. Make sure these people find the answers they are looking for on your website instead of from generic, often inaccurate sources like WebMD. Don’t just talk about your products, but talk about specific illnesses and how you can help treat them.

3. Personalize Communication with Physicians

Provide value to physicians by paying close attention to the questions they ask and developing personalized content in response.

4. Prioritize Digital Sales

More and more people are going online to order products, so why aren’t you there to meet them? Think about replacing your traditional sales model with a digital model that gathers real-time data to adapt content using common workflow-compliance software tools.