You already know that establishing a pharmacy loyalty program is an effective way to attract customers. You might not know they also encourage additional spending in order to take advantage of the program. In fact, according to a study by Accenture Interactive last year, customer loyalty program members were responsible for 12 to 18 percent more revenue than customers who were not members. The following are a few tips for implementing an effective pharmacy loyalty program:

Ensure the program provides good ROI

It doesn’t matter how attractive the loyalty program is to both current members and potential members: if the ROI is poor and is hurting the pharmacy’s bottom line, then it’s not an effective program. Track the costs of the program versus the results to properly measure the ROI and reevaluate the program if needed.

Use a mobile-friendly reward program

More and more customers are using their smartphones for almost everything that they do online. The loyalty program must have digital and mobile features to appeal to these customers. For example, offer an app for the loyalty program that makes using it more convenient for smartphone users.

Set the reward program apart from the competition

The pharmacy should offer attractive rewards that set them apart from the competition. Additionally, marketing what makes your program stand out is an important part of its effectiveness.

These are just a few tips that a pharmacy can use to establish an effective loyalty program. For more advice concerning pharmacy marketing, be sure to visit AlphaScrip today. We’ve been partners in success since 1991.