1. Salesforce.com

The company has continued strengthening its core SFA and CRM software growth and offers complimentary social CRM tools with an online ecosystem of integrated third party solutions.

2. Pipedrive

Offers a quick way to track deals and activities with a simple and intuitive interface. It has a helpful guidance system with an easy setup process.

3. Team Support

A good option for SMB operations as long as you make sure its features suit your needs before committing. It has a somewhat dated and convoluted user interface.

4. Freshdesk

Quick and easy to use and allows you to customize the look of the interface to better reflect your brand.

5. Really Simple Systems

Carries a full suite of sales, marketing and customer support on its online platform. Easy to use and enables you to manage all your resources through one system.

6. NetSuite

Integrates with NetSuite ERP and NetSuite Ecommerce with state of the art user interface and navigation tools.

7. ProsperWorks CRM

Includes email integration, opportunity management and email tracking among the more standard CRM features.

8. Pipeline Deals

You can send trackable emails and follow-up on messages in a quicker and more meaningful manner.

9. Vivantio Pro

One of the best CRM software packages on the market filled with mature helpdesk solutions. Slightly more expensive than others

10. Logicbox CRM

Standard functions suitable for small to mid-size businesses across a variety of industries.