When using AlphaScrip’s marketing strategies to help increase the prescriptions of pharmaceuticals, it’s important to implement some kind of analytic program in order to be able to measure how effective those strategies have been. In addition to helping pharmaceutical companies to implement various marketing programs, AlphaScrip provides a client reporting platform that allows businesses to benchmark and measure their programs.

AlphaScrip’s Client Reporting Platform

AlphaScrip offers a client reporting platform that provides pharmaceutical companies with in-depth insight into programs such as the drug and copay assistance programs. The platform provides reports that include:

  • Pharmacy adoption analytics
  • Physician adoption analytics
  • Unique patient usage
  • Patient course of therapy metrics
  • Sales force alignments across all important data
  • Business reply tracking
  • Key performance indicators
  • Program specific analytics

AlphaScrip customizes these reports and analytics packages based on the unique needs of each client during the implementation of the program. Not to mention that other analytics, such as return on investment analysis and performance metrics, are also included. The platform is also incredibly user friendly due to the following features:

  • The delivery and visibility of data in real time
  • An easy to access web-based dashboard portal
  • Full transparency to all claim activity
  • A reporting framework that is both customizable and flexible and that is delivered in the client’s desired format.

Any pharmaceutical company that decides to implement AlphaScrip’s marketing programs will be able to benefit from their client reporting platform, which allows them to benchmark and measure the effectiveness of those programs. For more information about their client reporting platform or their pharmaceutical marketing programs, be sure to contact AlphaScrip today.