It used to be common for pharmaceutical representatives to provide samples of medications for physicians to give to their patients. However, AlphaScrip offers a better alternative to traditional sampling methods through their pharmaceutical service program– sample vouchers.

What is a Sample Voucher? 

When participating in the sample voucher program, a physician will give his or her patient a voucher for a trial quantity of the medication to be sampled rather than an actual physical sample commonly given. The patient takes this voucher to their pharmacy where the prescription sample will be filled at no cost to the patient. This is beneficial for pharmaceutical companies.

Benefits of the Sample Voucher Program 

There are multiple benefits for pharmaceutical manufacturers, sales reps, physicians, and patients with AlphaScrip’s sampling program:

  • Manufacturers and sales reps can deliver these vouchers in person or direct mail.

  • Eliminates the need to package, ship, track, store, or account for sample medications.

  • Sample products are delivered to intended patients with improved tracking, accountability, and sampling data for manufacturers.

  • No loss from sample products expiring before delivery to or while at physicians’ offices.

  • The costs for the sampling program are tied directly to the prescriptions that are filled.

  • Capability to facilitate atypical sample deliveries such as controlled substances, costly therapies, and products with limited supply.

  • Pharmacists are able to provide pharmacy counseling and check for potential drug interactions when dispensing samples.

  • Reinforcement of loyalty and brand awareness for both physicians and patients.

Experts estimate that sample vouchers will soon outnumber traditional samples. They don’t just appeal to pharmaceutical companies. Patients, on their own account, seek prescription coupons and discounts online frequently. These coupons become talking points at their next doctor’s appointment, where a physician might prescribe a sample voucher or a full prescription. Pharmacists prefer dispensing samples rather than having them handed out at the doctor’s office, because it makes medication management easier. Vouchers produce favorable financial and health outcomes.

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